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About Us

Rev Greg & Kate Schermerhorn

Pastor Greg & Kate Schermerhorn



Equip the Kingdom Ministries is the  ministry of Pastor Greg Schermerhorn. Brother Greg is a Georgia native. After residing in Flowery Branch for nearly 18 years, he and his beautiful wife, Kate, recently moved to Woodstock, GA. He was saved at a revival meeting in 1987. After he came to know the Lord Jesus Christ, he began serving in various lay capacities in the local church. He was called into the Gospel ministry at the end of 2009. Brother Greg was licensed by Zion Hill Baptist Church in early 2010 and was ordained while serving as the associate pastor of Chattahoochee Baptist Church in early 2011.

Since Greg’s call to the ministry and service in the pastorate, God has used him in itinerant ministry settings. Equip the Kingdom Ministries is the result of this focus from the Lord.  Our personal mission statement is "Honor God.  Equip Believers.  Reach the Lost."  It is Brother Greg’s vision for Equip the Kingdom Ministries to make Jesus Christ known in fulfillment of the Great Commission. He is committed to helping God's people grow closer to Him. He is available for revivals, outreach events, puplit supply, evangelism training, interim / transitional pastor needs, and conference events that are all Bible-based and Christ-centered. If you would like information about booking Pastor Greg for your next event, please visit our Contact Us page.

In further fulfillment of the mission to "Honor God.  Equip Believers.  Reach the Lost.", Brother Greg also works in Transitional Pastor Ministry.  This ministry specifically works with churches that are experiencing the challenges and changes caused by the departure of a previous pastor and the search for a new pastor.  The main goals of this ministry, also known as intentional interim pastor ministry, are to help the church congregation seek the mind of Christ and the Holy Spirit in all things, provide loving leadership, affirm biblical principles of church growth, healing for the congregation, train the Pastor Search Committee and then serve as a consultant to the process, and to assist the new pastor in getting a good start in the church.   If you have questions about Transitional Pastors or their ministry, CLICK HERE for more information.

Our event remuneration policy is simple: we will come to your church for whatever the Lord puts on your heart to offer. If you have questions or concerns, please ask so we can discuss it. We serve a GREAT GOD!!! Our expectation is that our Lord will meet both our needs.

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Equip the Kingdom Ministries is a cooperating ministry with the Georgia Baptist Mission Board and Southern Baptist Convention.


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Equip the Kingdom Ministries has the vision to make Jesus Christ known in our community and is committed to helping God's people grow closer to Him.

Mission Statement:

“Honor God. Equip Believers. Reach the Lost.”

Six Primary Core Values:

      1. Worship

      Attributing worth to God.  Worship implies that we are honoring God in what we are presently doing. (Deu 6:5; Rom 12:1)

      2. Prayer

      Communication with God.  “Any form of communication with God on the part of believing people in response to situations that may arise in life. Prayer is marked, therefore, by variety and encompasses petition (including intercession for others), complaint, praise, thanksgiving, confession, imprecation (e.g., Num 16:15; Ps 69:22–28 [Matt 23–29]), nonverbal communication (Rom 8:26), and glossolalia (tongue)(1 Cor 14:14–15).” 1 (1 Thes 5:17; Phil 4:6-7)

      3. Excellence

      Maintaining the highest of ministry standards that bring glory to God.  These standards are based on the Bible.  They cannot be discarded or changed if they become unpopular.  This is also doing everything we do to the best of our ability. (Josh 24:14-15; 2 Chr 34:33; Matt 5:16)

      4. Discipleship

      This is the process of becoming Christ-like.  It involves the learning and application of Scripture to one’s heart and life in order to live like Jesus lived.  It is a process of becoming equipped, as a believer, to do every good work the Lord would have us do.  The Great Command, coupled with the Great Commission, was Christ’s last order for the church before He ascended into Heaven.  Discipleship of believers is one of our major missions. (Matt 28:19-20; Col 3:16-17)

      5. Evangelism

      Telling others the Good News about Christ.  Evangelist [ĭ vănˊjə lĭst]. Though the Greek noun designates any person who announces the good news about Christ, the usage stresses rather the activity itself. The term is specifically applied to Philip (Acts 21:8), one of the seven original deacons (Acts 6:5), noted for his missionary endeavors at Samaria (Acts 8:5).

      As church government developed, the evangelist constituted an office, as did apostles, prophets, pastors, and teachers (Eph 4:11): Timothy fulfilled such a role (2 Tim 4:5). Though not called to their respective tasks by the Lord himself, evangelists were deemed fully qualified for their missionary activities among the various churches and rendered valuable assistance to the apostles. The office of evangelist disappeared soon after the gospel was put into writing by Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, commonly known since the third century as the four evangelists.” 2 (Matt 28:19-20; Acts 1:8; Jn 3:3; 3:16; 14:6)

      6. Encouragement

      Giving hope to people who need some hope. (Eph 5:11; 2 Cor 1:3-4)


My Jesus Lives - ©2007 Greg Schermerhorn, All Rights Reserved. The Holy Bible The Fields ARE White Unto Harvest! - ©2009 Greg Schermerhorn, All Rights Reserved.


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